“ABiTec stands for Applied BioTechnology. The strengths of this research group lie in finding biogen, pharmaceutically applicable substances from plants”, ABiTec 2005. The research group was founded in 1998 with the name ABiTec in order to investigate biogene substances for their application in medicine and pharmacy as well as to establish plant conservation breedings. Further tasks include examining the lifestyle of different organisms in their habitat and in a breeding environment and setting up a scientific collection for the preservation of the examined species.

ABiTec was founded by Renata Burda and Dirk Weickmann. Over the years, a variety of scientists and gardeners were involved directly or with a supporting function, depending on the project. Dirk Weickmann almost always carried the responsibility for the fundamental research; he also contributed many new ideas that were verified in each case or are under way.

The research group is additionally looking for plants that could be flagship-species. A good example would be the “Schierlings-Wasserfenchel” (Oenanthe conioides) in the floodplaings of the Elbe. Through observations of the biotope, selected species can be suggested. At the Isar, this could be the gravel saxifrage (Saxifraga mutata) or in the bogs and nutrient-poor wetlands the alpine butterwort (Pinguicula alpina).

Dirk Weickmann says: „Die Natur bringt die Apotheke der Zukunft zu dem, der gelernt hat, auf die Natur zu hören!“ (Nature brings the medicine of the future to the one, who has learned to listen to nature).