ABiTec keeps, mainly through Dr. Dirk Weickmann, different patents for therapies and treatment possibilites on the basis of biogene toxines from flora and fauna, for a variety of diseases, such as brain tumours, breast cancer, multiple sclerosis and some others. These patents shall be marketed, not only to preserve the ABiTec plant collections, but also to develop new medicine for patients in the future. For marketing purposes, the ABiTec GbR (a civil law association) was founded in the beginning of 2020, which shall be extended with the help of shareholdings and investors in order to utilise the patents.


Botanical Garden

The ABiTec research group has more than 7000 plant species in stock, including the collections of its members. Individuals of a few selected species are nursed in up to 12 different locations. One focal point are conservation breedings with more than 300 species, among them many grasses, trees and orchids. In order to preserve these collections, in 2010 we started to calatog the collections and document selected species on a regular basis, so that a botanical garden can be established. We are looking for investors to establish and build a scientific botanical garden, who are also able to participate in research results to be patented.